Monday, November 7, 2011

Public Relations for Nonprofits

My goal is to address the different fields that fall under the public relations umbrella. I will also highlight one company that is excelling in this field.

This week, I want to share about an industry that I have always wanted to be part of: nonprofit public relations. One of the myths when working for a nonprofit is the ability to make a good living from this career financially and professionally. But according to Stryker Weiner & Yokota, there is a strategic way for coming up strong.

Here are a few nonprofit public relations tip.
  1. "Make sure your public relations plan is in line with the organization’s long-term strategies."
  2. "Become an information resource for the media."
  3. "Clearly define and communicate the organization’s objectives and results."
Invisible Children is a nonprofit organization headquartered in San Diego. Its mission is to stop the Lord's Resistance Army, LRA,  in Africa from kidnapping children to fight. Invisible Children's goal is to help provide jobs, schools, and a better life to the people of Uganda.

Invisible Children is a great example of a successful nonprofit organization.

Invisible Children has a goal that it has stuck with for more than 10 years of stopping the LRA. This last year it took one giant step in achieving that goal when it had more than 230,000 Americans sign a petition to get the United States to help this cause. On Oct. 12, President Obama made a decision to deploy American troops to combat the LRA.

By sticking to its overall, long-term mission, Invisible Children was able to show the world that anyone can make a difference.

Invisible Children also takes advantage of  all its contacts in Uganda. Because of these relationships it has built,  it has a monopoly on information about the war. Invisible Children is able to provide the rest of America with news from those living and breathing the war in Africa.

Lastly, Invisible Children is very involved in spreading awareness on its website, blog, Facebook, and Twitter. It makes sure to keep all of its supporters and media updated with information on where its mission is going. By accomplishing these tips, Invisible Children was able to take one giant step forward in their journey to stopping the LRA.

Click here for their most recent documentary on the updates in Africa.

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