Sunday, November 13, 2011

More Than Money

Going along with the "make a difference" theme, I want to break the illusion that a corporation is only concerned about money. Yes, there are for-profit companies out there that care about the bigger picture and also do it in a way that makes 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. exciting and fun.

How is this accomplished? This is created by providing an atmosphere that makes every person in your company desire to be part of it. 

Here are helpful tips from Heyman Associates Inc. about this type of success in corporate public relations.
  1. "At the top level, communication skills mean much more than just writing."
  2. "Proactivity and passion pay off."
  3. "Relationships, relationships, relationships."
These three tips reigned true in my internship this summer with AMN Healthcare. AMN Healthcare is the nation's largest provider of comprehensive healthcare staffing and workforce solutions. It has been a thought leader in the healthcare industry and has 15 brands under its corporate umbrella. 

Going into this company I was afraid of the nonstop lifestyle with endless paperwork and routine conversations. To my surprise, AMN created an atmosphere that praised its mission of providing the best quality patient care possible.

Writing was a daily part of my day for the public relations department, but only after the team communicated. We would address what we wanted to write about, who would be the best person to write the story, and also make sure we are sticking to AMN's mission in everything we produced.

AMN Healthcare also believed that the team goes outside each department. Every floor would invite each other to quick snack breaks to understand and appreciate what the rest of the company is doing. This emphasis on relationships opened the door to new ideas and ways of bettering the company.

The CEO would also attend meetings to meet employees, send out emails about updates she is implementing, and make sure the company is all on the same page. It felt more like a family than just an organization going about its daily tasks.

Emphasis on being the thought leaders and providing the best care helped create proactivity and passion for each individual. A company that invests time in inner health, its employees, will then produce outer health and success.

Check here what AMN Healthcare is up to now.

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